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hof was built to improve developer workflow

There were a few problems we encountered too often

1. Redundant code patterns

When writing api handlers, client libraries, and data validation. When starting server setup like logging and wiring up the router.

2. Data model changes

Requires us to make the same conceptual change across many files. Also manage databases, schemas, migrations, and coordinated deployments.

3. Fleet wide fixes and updates

Deploying shared security and bug fixes across many applications should be easier. This should apply equally for improvements in our code patterns and practices.

We wanted a tool where we can…

  • write down our conceptual design in one place
  • run a tool to create most implementation
  • work directly in the output like writing normal code
  • update our designs and regenerate our implementation
  • keep and continue our existing custom work
  • share designs across teams and projects
  • import advanced functionality into our apps
  • extend functionality without modifying the tool

This is what hof helps you do

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Code Generation

Using Generators

Creating Generators

Module Library

Help & Support

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