Creating an App

Hofstadter Studios enables you to create and deploy applications with ease. Your development server is a real-time, cloud-native, hot-reloading, full-stack JS application based on the Apollo Universal Starter Kit.

Creating an Application

There are a number of starting applications available on GitHub. A known list is maintained on Studios Universe - Applications.

To create a new application from the default, run:

hof app create "<app-name>"

You should see a response that indicates the app was created.

Now change to this directory.

cd "<app-name>"
Pushing and Deploying

Before you can use your application, you will also need to push and deploy it. We will do this in a couple of sections after making some initial changes and updates.

Full Create Command

The create command can work off of a URL supporting git like GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

hof app create "<name>" "<version>" "<template-url>"


hof app create my-app beta ""

Studios versions can be found by running:

hof app versions

Custom and Private Repositories

The create command has a longer format enabling the use any git based repository or the local filesystem. See the Studios Universe - Applications documentation for more information.

Private repositories are supported for GitHub using the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable.