Before you can use your applicate, you must first deploy it.

Deploy your Application

The hof CLI commands are run from your application directory.

hof app push
hof app deploy

The first deployment will take about 5 minutes. You can check the status with:

hof app status

Once you see:

<username> <app-name>
Client:   running
Server:   running
System:   running

your application is running.

Now we can create some initial data with:

hof db seed

Once this is complete, you can follow the link to use your app.

Shutdown an Application

To shutdown an application, run

hof app shutdown

You can later redeploy your application and pick up where you left off, with your data and configuration still in place.

Custom Deployments

Private Hofstadter Studios can be deployed to any cloud or in your data center. Contact Sales to learn more.