A First Change

The first steps will walk you through some of the Hofstadter Studios basic concepts.

The first thing we will do is to change the title of your application. This will demonstrate editing a design file and pushing the updates to your Hofstadter Studios Live server.

In your favorite text editor, open the design/app.yaml file (It may also be the design/config.yaml).

You will see somthing like:

  title: "Hof Starter App"

Change the title string to anything you want and save the file.

Now, back in the terminal, run:

hof push

You should see a list of files that get uploaded. (This is currently everything, but we’re working on making it minimal :)

Now, go back to your application in the browser at https://your-app-name.live.hofstater.io and watch as the page and title automatically refresh with the latest updates!