hof is available for all major operation systems and architectures. Thank you to the Golang developers, Goreleaser, and the community!


Current version: v0.6.6

hof update --check


go install


go install

Container images are also available on docker hub.

You’ll want to rename the file to hof and ensure it is executable and in your PATH.

You can also download a precompiled binary from the github releases page.

Instructions for compiling can be found on GitHub.

Test the installation

To make sure the tool is available, run the following in your terminal.

$ hof help

hof - the high code framework

  Learn more at

Updating hof

The builtin update command can be used to check and install any version.

# Check for an update
hof update --check

# Update to the latest version
hof update

# Install a specific version
hof update --version vX.Y.Z
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