Setting Up Your App

Once you have an account and the hof tool installed, you can setup your local working copy.

Setting up the working directory

There are two main methods for setting up your application. In either case, app-name is the name of your application when it was setup initially in Hofstadter Studios.

Using the Hof tool

You can follow wither of these two sub-methods:

mkdir app-name
cd app-name
hof app create


hof app create app-name
cd app-name
Clone the hof-starter-app

The initial version of your application will match hof-starter-app.

git clone app-name
cd app-name

You can also use any starter-app you or anyone else creates.

Connecting your app to Studios

Open the hof.yaml file that is in your application directory. Place your username and API Key in the appropriate fields.


hof app status
hof app version

to test that you are connected. If you used the hof tool method for setting up your application, run:

hof pull

to get the initial design, code, and data.

Community Starter Apps

Make a Pull Request to have your starter app added here!

(there is a link at the bottom of this page)