hof / create

hof/create is a command for one-line bootstrapping and application blueprints. Add a Creator to any git repository to provide a “create-react-app” like experience.

$ hof help create

hof create enables you to easily bootstrap
code for full projects, components, and more.

Docs: https://docs.hofstadter.io/hof-create/

Any generator can support the create command
and most will bootstrap a generator.
This means you get all the same benefits from
hof's code generation engine, turning your
bootstrapped code into a living template.

# create from any git repo and any ref
hof create github.com/username/repo@v1.2.3
hof create github.com/username/repo@a1b2c3f
hof create github.com/username/repo@latest

# -I supplies inputs as key/value pairs or from a file
# when no flag is supplied, an interactive prompt is used
hof create github.com/username/repo@v1.2.3 \
  -I name=foo -I val=bar \
  -I @inputs.cue

# you can also reference local generators by their cue inputs
# the location should start with a '.' (./ or ../) to indicate local mode
hof create ../my-gen

  hof create <module location> [flags]

  -G, --generator strings   generator tags to run, default is all
  -h, --help                help for create
  -I, --input strings       inputs to the create module
  -O, --outdir string       base directory to write all output to

Global Flags:
  -p, --package string   the Cue package context to use during execution
  -q, --quiet            turn off output and assume defaults at prompts
  -v, --verbosity int    set the verbosity of output
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