hof create is a command for bootstrapping from user input from flags, files, or a prompt. They are also flexible enough for any git repository to provide the creator experience. Create one-liners for your users so they can get started with your projects quickly and easily.

A creator is a hof generator with a Create field, run as a one-time code generation. However, a Most hof code generators will also provide a creator to help their users get started easier.

  • The main part is the prompt where you can ask the user for inputs
  • These then form the input to the file bootstrapping process (one-time hof code gen)
  • A hof generator will use hof create to create the initial CUE files for using their generator
  • You can add hof create to any repository to generate any files

Users then use hof create bootstrap new applications, modules, or configuration like files needed for CI/CD, deployment, security, or other system.

Example Creator
Hof Create for any git repository