This page will help you get your development environment setup and commands for working on hof and the documentation.


For hof: CUE, Docker, Make

Requires CUE >= 0.5.0 using one of the methods here

For docs: Hugo, npm

Requires Hugo >= 0.111, the extended version. You can download it from GitHub

We also have a GitHub Codespace with the tools installed. You can launch this from the repository.

GitHub Actions

Our CI runs in GitHub Actions. We define the actions as CUE and then generate the yaml into .github/workflows

  • The CUE is in ci/gha
  • Run make workflow to generate the yaml

ENV and debugging settings

There are a few flags, environment variables, and debug settings to be aware of.

  • --verbose N is used to increase printed messages when running hof
  • Depending on the tests you wish to run, you may need various ENV VARs setup. (notably hof mod)
  • Several core packages have a debug bool variable that can be set to true