Alternate Delimiters

Hof uses Go’s text/template package which defaults to {{ & }} for delimiters. This can conflict with other systems, so hof enables you to change them.

Per-file Template Delimiters

You can configure delimiters per-file by setting the TemplateDelims field on a gen.#File.

per-file template delimiters

Per-glob Template Delimiters

You can set delimiters when loading Templates and Partials when you have a directory of files which need alternative delimiters, or you prefer a different syntax. Set the Delims field in the configuration.

per-glob template delimiters

MyGen: gen.#Generator & {

	// ...

	Templates: [{
		// Loaded templates with the default {{ }} delimiters
		Globs: ["templates/*"]
		TrimPrefix: "templates/"
	}, {
		// Loaded templates with the default alternate delimiters
		Globs: ["templates/alt/*"]
		TrimPrefix: "templates/"
		Delims: {
			LHS: "{%"
			RHS: "%}"