Contribute to the hof and the docs

You can contribute this documentation site, the hof tool, the myriad of hofmods, or by creating your own modules, designs, and generators to share with others.

Documentation Site

This is a Hugo website based on the Docsy theme. You can click the links found on the pages or clone the docs repo and follow the readme instructions.

The hof tool

If you are only changing the Gocode (and not the designs / *.cue files), then you can follow the Building from source instructions.

If you intend to work on the schema, design, or co-dependent hofmods, first follow the same instructions.

You will have to check the cue.mods file for any local replaces (or to add any you want to work on yourself) by cloning the repos into the correct location.

Once all of the hofmods are in place, you can vendor them by running:

hof mod vendor cue

and then update code from designs with:

hof gen [-g <generator>]

see the hof.cue file for available generators.